Flash to HTML5 Conversion services


Flash to HTML5 Conversion services

Flash has served us a long time. But In this modern technology and training requirements, Flash fails to support latest advancements. Whereas, HTML can able to meet new requirements with HTML5, which has more current technology advancements. Updating and Upgrading have become easier in HTML5 than Adobe Flash. HTML5 works with an ease according to recent technologies.


Why it is necessary to convert from Flash to HTML5?

There are various reasons why people are switching to HTML5 from Adobe Flash. As there is no plugin required for HTML5, risks on downloading and watching videos are minimized. Connection speed is quicker as there is no need for any third party integration in HTML5. The reasons are,

  • HTML5 is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly whereas, Flash is not.
  • HTML5 is free whereas you should spend money for Adobe Flash.
  • HTML5 is compatible with all devices but Flash is not compatible with every Mobile device.
  • No Plugins are necessary for HTML5 whereas Flash needs a plugin.
  • CMS Integration is possible only in HTML5.

Print 2 Eforms assures you to provide a clear Flash to HTML5 Conversion service which produces enhanced and Interactive content with images, audios, videos and animations to the wide audiences across the globe.

Why is Print2Eforms best in Flash to HTML5 Conversion services?

Print2eforms  have a team of experienced graphic designers, conversion specialists, mobile developers and e-learning developers who implement industry-best practices to develop the functionality of your course content and convert flash to HTML5. Our experts can accurately convert the rich multimedia content into HTML5 with transitions, animations, and other user interactive features. We also provide interactive SWF to HTML 5 conversion services involving all levels of difficulties.

Adobe Captivate – It is an authoring mechanism which is used for composing e-learning content. It can able to transform .swf to digital mp4 (.mp4) formats which can be played in video players and Video streaming websites. Adobe captivates uses “Fluid Box” concept. It implements automatic text to speech conversion. It has Adobe type kit integration. Auto migration from non-mobile to mobile is possible using Adobe Captivate. It has the ability of higher learnability. It also has custom JavaScript enabled template.

Lectora Inspire – This is a desktop authoring tool which is used to create engaging e-learning. Some exemplary features Lectora Inspire tool are,

  • Improved question importing and exporting
  • SVG Rendering of shapes and buttons
  • Maintain aspect ratio for video
  • Convert shapes to buttons
  • Persisting background audio
  • Initially disabled state for buttons
  • Seamless play publish option
  • Access the title folder
  • Scale published content to fill the browser window
  • System-generated alert message
  • Control how to open the Media library
  • Updated how to open the Media library
  • Improved character properties
  • Anchor the position of your objects.

 spring – It is the fast e-learning tool used for academic and business purposes. spring transforms PowerPoint presentation and converts them into interactive online courses that can be viewed or accessed on multiple devices. Some exemplary features of Spring are,

  • Enriches and preserves PowerPoint presentation
  • Provide a content library
  • Records screenshots
  • Ease of usage
  • Creates dialogue simulations
  • Supports Mobile learning

Articulate Storyline – Create Interactive eBook with an articulate storyline which will be responsive to every mobile device. It has numerous features which help out in e-learning which stands out from the rest,

  • Move trigger
  • Slider Interactions
  • Object animations
  • Character spacing
  • Read-only seek bar
  • Hide next player button trigger
  • Custom bullets
  • Auto recovery
  • Dockable panels
  • Motion Paths
  • Object animations
  • Social learning

Some astonishing benefits of HTML5 in elearning

HTML5 has become one of the mandatory media in the world of e-learning. Nowadays Online delivery courses also opt for HTML5 instead of Adobe flash because of its features which accompany with all the latest advancements.

  • Reach a wider audience with HTML5
  • Ease of Customization
  • There are no restrictions for Multimedia integration
  • No Plugins are required
  • Supports Multi-browser
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Greater accessibility for readers
  • HTML5 is a new standard in e-learning
  • Elegant forms
  • Cleaner code
  • Geolocation support
  • Supports Offline web caching
  • Development of games

Want to go to next step? Just ping Print2Eforms for converting your Flash content to HTML5 and deploy online courses and Interactive EBooks across different platforms globally.

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