Best Developer Tools List Free Download For Windows


Best Developer Tools List Free Download For Windows


Whether you are a professional programmer, or just a keen amateur, our selection of programming programs and programming applications comprises everything from HTML editors, to virtual machines and database software. These tools feature a vast array of capacities, such as surroundings to construct Ruby and Rails, PHP, and Python programs, together with full HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing. Looking for database programs? Try out a selection of free software that enables partitioning to enhance management and performance of substantial database environments, row-based/hybrid replication for enhanced replication safety, and even more. Discover our entire range now, here on FileHippo.

Best Developer Tools List Free Download For Windows

Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 Developer Tools


This SDK provides tools, compilers, headers, libraries, code samples, along with a new help system which developers may use to create programs that operate on Microsoft Windows 7. The SDK may be used to write software with the native (Win32/COM) or handled (.NET Framework) programming model.

This SDK can be installed on or used to make programs for stage chipsets X86, X64, and Itanium. .NET Length: Produce applications that aim .NET Framework versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.

For Visual Studio you can use this SDK with Visual Studio variations in 2005, 2008, and 2010, such as Express editions. It’s worth noting that not all features work with all versions of Visual Studio. you can also download CCleaner 2018.

Microsoft Windows SDK

Notepad++ Developer Tools

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement which supports many languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is regulated by GPL Licence.

According to a strong editing element Scintilla, Notepad++ is written in C++ and utilizes pure Win32 API and STL that guarantees a higher execution speed and smaller application size. By optimizing as many patterns as possible without sacrificing consumer friendliness, Notepad++ is now hoping to decrease the entire carbon dioxide emissions. When using less CPU power, the PC can throttle down and reduce electricity consumption, leading to more luxurious surroundings.

VMware Player Developer Tools

A virtual server is a pc defined in applications. It is like conducting a PC on Your Computer.

This free desktop virtualization software program makes it effortless to run any virtual server created by VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware Server or VMware ESX.

Android SDK Developer Tools

The Android SDK enables cellular software developers the chance to tinker with all the platform and make new and intriguing work. The kit includes all you want to begin building programs. The Android SDK comes with an emulated virtual device that’s entirely functional to allow you to try out your work.

Andy Developer Tools

Andy is a program which allows you to join your mobile device and background computer, together in a digital environment, which is excellent for gaming.

Andy syncs with a Google play accounts through the cloud. All of your devices will be synced so that your gambling advancement is never missing!
Using Andy, you may use your mobile device as a joystick. This has additional charm, because you won’t need to forfeit any multi-touch or gyroscopic components of gambling.

Having this kind of link, you might also get SnapChat image messages and WhatsApp messages directly on your desktop computer. Andy also lets you access to the regional computer file system; it’s a camera and microphone integration, and developer support is also offered.

There’s a comparison chart to the Andy homepage which lists the program’s attributes compared to other similar digital surroundings, for example, BlueStacks.

andy tools

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server Developer Tools

The available source Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server endeavor was made to make a platform-independent SMTP Proxy server which implements auto-whitelists, self-learning Bayesian, Greylisting, DNSBL, DNSWL, URIBL, SPF, SRS, Backscatter, Virus scanning, attachment blocking, SenderBase and several other filter procedures.

It’ll relay the SMTP conversation between an incoming customer along with your SMTP server. It’ll intercept the discussion since it’s required. Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy plays lots of configurable checks and upon discovering spam messages that it will offer an instant 5xx SMTP error code to the customer. As usual, any non-spam messages have been passed into the standard SMTP server for additional processing and shipping.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server includes numerous configurable attributes, like the capability to block or theme tag and send spam messages. On the downside, if you’re not familiar with this type of program, it can be tough to set up and maintain.


AOMEI Image Deploy Developer Tools

Ever wondered the simplest way to set up the system image to numerous computers at precisely the same time instead of reviving the system image into a single computer one? For example, 30 machines have to be installed in the system; such as applications, patches, drivers, etc. It takes you a lot of resources and time. Now, AOMEI provides you with a straightforward solution that deploying system picture to heaps of computers concurrently.

AOMEI Picture Deploy is a free picture deployment and community cloning also, which affirms deploying/restoring a picture to multiple computers over a network. It not only provides a free method to use your system image on various servers inside LAN but also allows you to save time and resources from provisioning many PCs and Servers concurrently.

Apowersoft Android Recorder Developer Tools

Apowersoft Android Recorder is essentially a Chromecast-based receiver using some straightforward screen recording features. Using it, you can throw your video and sound activity from the Android-based apparatus, right to your computer’s display and record these tasks directly from your desktop computer.

Before beginning, there are a couple of things that you want to make sure are in place. To begin, you have to be sure that your Android device and your computer will be attached to the same Wi-Fi system. Next, you will need to ensure an app with Chromecast streaming capacities is set up in your Android apparatus.

Whenever you start the throw out of the own phone, the link will be automatic, and you will be able to preview your action in the own Android phone in your computer’s display in real time.

Consumers of all levels of experience could navigate the comfortable design and functionality. In the toolbar, you can start and stop records, capture instantaneous snapshots and start the destination folder.

In general, Apowersoft Android Recorder is a somewhat efficient instrument for recording and casting the actor in the own Android device in your PC. This is very good for producing Android-related video tutorials, as an example.

Apowersoft Android Recorder

Aptana Studio Developer Tools

Aptana Studio is an environment which includes extensive capacities to construct Ruby and Rails, PHP, and Python programs, together with full HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editing.

Aptana Studio utilizes the flexibility of Eclipse and concentrates it into a secure web engine.




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